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Got Questions?

The Brow Bae has answers!

  • What is a full service Eyebrow studio?
    We specialize in all phases of Eyebrows. So Whether it's your VERY first time having your Brows done or if you have no Eyebrows and are in need of our advanced Microshading procedure, we will give you your options and go from there. ♥
  • What is the purpose of a Consultation?
    Well we realized most women had NEVER had their Brows properly assessed! Upon revelation of this DISTURBING news,we sprung into action and started offering a MANDATORY Consultation with every visit just to let clients know they DO have options when it comes to their Brows.
  • What's the difference in your services and the nail and Threading Salons?
    Who? Lol. No Seriously there's NO comparison to the services we offer vs those offered by the Untrained Technicians at other Brow places.. We take our time to create a custom designed Brow based on YOUR Brow Structure.. We never just remove the hair without a shape in mind!
  • How will I know which services I need?
    That's the primary reason for the Consultation. Use information you got from your consultation to determine what services will best suit you.♥
  • Do I need a Consultation?
    Yes.. Because more than likely you've never had one and even if so, we would have to conduct our own. So Everyone will get a Consultation. We prefer to conduct a virtual one. And although it is not the real thing, it gives us an idea of what you're dealing with.
  • What is Microshading?
    Microshading - following the Natural shape of each client's Brow Structure I will go under the FIRST layer of skin (making this procedure a Semi-permanent Tattoo vs PERMANENT which penetrates all layers of the skin) and Softly add Pigments to create A Shaded OmBrè effect similar to makeup or Tint..
  • How do I know if I need Microshading?
    Everyone can Benefit from Microshading. However, when we conduct the consultation we will find out what your goals are as well as explaining the options that will fit your individual needs. Microshading offers the WAKE UP WITH MAKEUP Look, and will only have to have maintenance every 5 weeks. Microshading saves the client valuable TIME and money.
  • Does the process hurt?
    No! Numbing cream is applied before,during and after the Procedure
  • How many times should I come in for a Retouch?
    Microshading Is a two part procedure so after your initial session you will come back in NO LESS than 6 weeks but not more than 90 days POST/after procedure.. After this,Retouches are generally done once per year. However, We suggest keeping up with your monthly maintenance (No LESS than Every 5 weeks) will maintain the shape of the of your Brows WHILE also allowing for your Brows to be assessed and recommendations for Retouches to be made at the same time. ️
  • Do I need to get my Brows cleaned up before I come in for Microshading or any other services?
    ABSOLUTELY not! As a matter of fact, We Ask that ALL potentially new clients to allow their Brows to FULLY grow in for at least 6-8 weeks before coming in for our services. OVER 90% Of our Clientele has sought out our Professional Eyebrow Services because more than likely they've been going to nail and threading Salons which have gotten them in the shape (no pun intended!) they're in to begin with. This also applies if you're interested in the Microshading technique.
  • What is the difference between Microblading and Microshading?
    MICROSHADING - Using a low powered Battery-operated Tattoo Pen, and your Natural Brow Structure as a guide, a vegetable based pigment is deposited into the first layer of skin to softly create A Natural Shaded OmBrè effect similar to makeup or Tint.. However unlike Tint and makeup, Microshading lasts 12-36 months! MICROBLADING - Is supposed to simulate hair strokes and is most beneficial to people who ALREADY have full brows. In the Long-term, Microblading tends to look UNNATURAL and begin to look splotchy. Because of its results, Thebrowbae Does NOT offer Microblading.
  • Should I come in every two weeks to have my brows done?
    No! It takes Brow Hairs any where from 8-10 weeks ALL the way up to one year to fully Regrow. Coming in too often will damage the hair follicle.
  • What other services do you offer?
    We are a Full Service Eyebrow Studio, therefore we specialize in ALL phases of Eyebrows (from Professional Eyebrow Consultations, Basic Brow Shaping, Brow Tinting, Brow lamination, Eyelash Inserts, Eyelash Tint, Eyelash Lift and More).​
  • What should I do to my brows when the hairs start to re-grow after I get Microshading done?
    Come back in to Thebrowbae of course! Simply put we will always and Forever be your Eyebrow Consultants️.
  • Is waxing safe for me? I've been waxed before and I had a breakout?
    Just make us aware of this incident. However the waxes we use are for sensitive skin so if you've had a reaction before, depending on where you had your services done, it could have been due to unsanitary conditions.
  • Can I go anywhere to have my eyebrows done?
    NOO!! It is very important to come to TheBrowBae to have your eyebrows done just because we ARE LICENSED and All artists have been properly trained Thebrowbae Way.. Nail & Threading shops ARE NOT RECOMMENDED!!!
  • What is the shipping and return policy on merchandise and retail?
    Return Policy is as follows: all items are FINAL SALE items. no returns are accepted for any reason other than manufacturer flaws. Shipping policy is as follows: all orders for our products are processsed and shipped out in 4-10 days via UPS, FEDEX, USPS.
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